FAQs  Solar energy


What size system do I need?

We need to assess your electricity bill to see how much you are using first. Then we need to see if we can reduce some of your consumption and save energy. This will then reduce the size of the system you may need.


DO I need Solar Energy?

This will depend on the amount you use. If it is a nominal amount of electricity it may not be worth the investment. However Solar energy systems have become quite affordable now.


How do i choose the right installer?

It is important that you select someone who is well qualified and certified with the Clean Energy council. Additionally don’t get trapped with pushy salesman around.


Can my roof support a solar energy system?

Generally speaking most roofs can withstand the installation of solar panels. It pays to double check with the installer.


What is the life and warranty of my solar panels and inverter?

Most high quality Solar panels have a warranty for 25 years with 80-85% production.


Do i qualify for rebates and tax incentives?

We will address this with you when we come to quote. The government is always making changes. Additionally if you are running a business then it is possible to claim this as a tax deduction. Check with your accountant.


Will Solar produce electricity in cloudy days?

This will depend on how heavy the cloud formation is and the type of panels you have. You may produce some electricity.


What is a watt?

A watt is a measurement of energy equal to 1 joule per second


What is a kilowatt

A kilowatt is 1000 watts of electrical energy


PLease explain what a kilowatt hour is?


How do I choose the right inverter?

YOu need to select on the top performing inverters listed and certified. Our Inverters are all tried and tested and approved by Clean energy council.


Whats the difference between grid tied and off-grid?

Grid tied means your system is connected to the energy grid and sends any excess power back onto the grid.
Off Grid means you are not connected and will need a battery storage systems to store the excess energy created.

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