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Is it ok to switch my AC off when I go on holiday?

If you are going away for a period of time it is alright to turn the Air conditioner off at the wall. Before you re use it though make sure you have it turned on , on the wall for at least 12 hours as the compressor needs to warm up.

Why is there a white mist coming out when I’m on the heat cycle?

Nearly all modern air conditioners defrost when the outdoor temperature gets below 6 degrees Celsius. It is warm water that is being released and perfectly normal.


What is the best way to save energy with my Air-conditioner?

Here are several suggestions to save energy. We think its important that you run your Airconditioner economically all year round.

In the summertime when it is hot, it is better to start your air conditioner early in the day. Otherwise it has to work really hard if the house has been heated up by the sun in the day.

Make sure the vents or louvres are dispersing the air properly downwards on the split system air conditioners.

Regular maintenance such as cleaning the Air filters for better airflow allows for great economical operation.

How often should I do maintenance on my Air-conditioner?

Most modern residential air conditioners such as Toshiba, Fujitisu, Carrier, Kelvinator, Rinnaii etc, only require the filter to be cleaned once a season. This should also include a check over by a qualified air conditioner expert. However, for any commercial Air conditioners a regular monthly clean is required.

My Fujitsu ducted aircon only has air coming out of 1 vent- What do I do?

Most modern ducted systems are set up or programmed electronically. This will mean different rooms ( or Zones they may be called) on your remote pad will come on. You can read the instructions provided or call out one of our tech guys to guide you through it.

Should I get a new Air Conditioner if mine is more than 10 years old?

This really comes down to several things.

  • Has it been well maintained?
  • Are the filters clean?
  • Is it still blowing cold/hot air.

If you are not sure about the Cold/hot air, first get an Air conditioner expert out for a quick call. Get him to have a look.

If there is something wrong with it, it is usually cheaper to buy a new one than get this fixed. That’s where we can come in.

I’m confused on the different models. Can you help?

Most of the modern air-conditioning models have long standing reputations in the Industry with Warranties.

Choosing the right one for your area is what is important. We have clients who have been advised to buy Air conditioners that are too small for an area and then cant cool or heat efficiently and other clients who have been oversold.

We can work through with you the best model and size for your room. Be wary of cheap fast selling businesses as they often cant provide the backup support.

I’m not quite sure of the difference between ducted and split system. Can you explain.

A ducted Air-conditioning system, such as fujitsu’s Bulkhead range is one that has vents going into each room, that can be sectioned off. This has a fan (externally) blowing the cold or hot air through an insulated type tube.

A split system air conditioner such as (Fujitsu C8.5kw H9.0 kwH) is specific to providing cold/hot air to a single individual area or rooms. Ie Lounge room, Kitchen, bedroom. You can use a small fan to redirect this air into other rooms.

Please explain reverse cycle?

Essentially reverse cycle means the air conditioner can be used for heating, switched and the used for cooling. These are the most efficient and economical systems.

Are there harmful chemical in the refrigerant?

Advances in refrigeration technology have allowed us to develop safer alternatives for the environment, whilst still not completely safe. The old refrigerants were outlawed a number of years ago. The new refrigerants have replaced these old ones. They must be handled by a qualified technician. The Australian Environmental protection agency have strict regulations on the use and disposal of such refrigerants.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured for this.

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